diy gutter cleaning

happy-gutters-diy-gutter-installGutters are an essential part of the structure of a house and installing them can either be done by a professional or you. The materials and accessories needed for gutter installation are readily available at most roofing or gutter suppliers. Generally, installing the gutters all by yourself is less expensive since you will cut out any markup fees and labor costs associated with hiring professionals. However, you may still need to buy or rent some tools.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

As homeowners, you might think hiring a professional may be more expensive than doing it yourself. Still, the advantage of having a reliable Gutter system at home outweighs the amount you could save in cost and will give you the comfort and long-lasting assurance.
Here are the typical advantages of hiring a professional in Gutter installation and repair.

Installation and More

Apart from installation, professional gutter contractors also check the status of your home’s foundation for potential leaks and damage that could diminish the value of your home. Hiring a gutter company ensures a warranty for all the material, additional cleanings, and repair services that can benefit you in the long run for any damages. Most professionals always aim for satisfaction which is an advantage for your time and money spent.


Installing Gutters is a highly complex job if you are not an expert in this field. Working on your own gutters without proper training and experience may cause a significant risk to not only your gutter system but your health. Climbing ladders to the roof, and working from ladders, can cause injury if you are not experienced. Professional gutter installers have been appropriately trained and have acquired years of experience in their field, which makes them the best at their jobs. They have the necessary tools and safety equipment that make them the best in doing their job in the most efficient way. This will save you time and injury, which will cost as much as hiring a professional.

Complete and Right Equipment

Gutter Installation is a time-consuming job if you don’t have the necessary tools to do it. The job requires several tools and materials, including drills, an extension ladder, various head drivers, and more. The materials and tools are readily available in any home center and roofing-supply store, but you will waste more time and money if you don’t know what the correct tools are for the job. Professional gutter companies already have the necessary experience in using various equipment and know the best methods and techniques to use for proper installation and maintenance.

Saves Time and Money

Hiring a professional to do the job can ensure the job is done safely, quickly, and efficiently. It can save you time and money because of their years of experience and training that leads to them completing the job properly in a fraction of time. Most Gutter companies also offer a diverse range of service packages and installment plans that would be beneficial and convenient for you.

Doing a DIY project might be a good idea if you have the necessary tools and expertise in how to install them correctly. However, before considering doing it yourself or hiring a professional, you need to consider the overall cost, like the time and money to do it or if you hire a professional that can make the process seamless. A gutter installation is a time-consuming project if you are not an expert.

Hiring professional gutter companies like Happy Gutters with a proven reliable, experienced team can keep you and your home safe.